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A great way to refresh or maintain your dog's training after one of our programs.


This class is for those who have completed basic on-leash obedience at a minimum. This package will operate on a drop-in basis. This is a great way to refresh or maintain your training once your dog has completed one of our programs as well as to proof obedience in a variety of different environments.

Our Distraction Class emphasizes maintaining pack leadership, proofs commands, strengthens the bond between dog and handler, and most importantly encourages socialization on leash. Dogs learn how to perform commands with distraction, not just sterile or comfortable environments (like inside your home).

Commands that are proofed include: Heel, Sit, Auto-Sit, Down, Come and Place - inside and outside the home.

COST: $35 / CLASS or $140 / FIVE CLASSES


Private lessons are great for dogs that need 1-1 attention without distractions. Each lesson is 60 minutes and can be customized to suit your needs.


Lifestyle training programs in which your dog will stay with the trainer in his or her home for two to four weeks and receive

around-the-clock training.

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