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Take your training and relationship with your dog to the next level.


If you have mastered obedience commands on leash, it is time to take your training to the next level with off-leash obedience. If you have not completed our other classes or lessons, you will need to schedule an evaluation. We offer off-leash training through Private Lessons or a Stay & Train Package. Both are great options. Dog owners will get a lesson just on learning how to properly use and fit the collar correctly. As with anything, there is a right and wrong way to use things. We do not let you leave unless we are 100% sure you are comfortable and educated on e-collars.

At Align K9 we believe that everyone and every dog can benefit from the e-collar. It is a great tool to use to modify behaviors, but is also so much more than that! Off-leash training offers your dog more freedom which in turn, curbs many canine behavior problems. Technology has improved in all areas including dog training equipment. We only use top-of-the-line Dogtra e-collars. E-collars have come a long way and if your dog is not off-leash trained, you are both missing out! The e-collar truly takes your relationship to another level. Once you go wireless, you won’t go back.



At Align K9 Training, we use low level stimulation to help dogs in many ways.  We have found with dogs that are reactive on leash, we can use a much more subtle approach to communicate clearly to the dog to gain their attention back on us as the handler, and show them we have control of the situation, so they don't need to be concerned. At times, leash pressure can add to the excitement or frustration the dog feels when in a reactive state of mind. The remote collar is a useful tool to add less pressure to the dog to communicate to the dog and not add additional frustration. Remember that all equipment we use, leashes and collars, are tools.

The e-collar is the safest and most effective way to keep your canine safe in many situations.

Another example: A dog may counter surf and get a loaf of bread in a plastic bag. That behavior can not only be dangerous to the dog as it could choke, but also is frustrating to the owner.  After we teach the dog what the collar means with low levels of stimulation, we can begin teaching the dog by communicating with the collar to resolve behaviors like this.

Remote Collar Policy
  • We do not shock dogs.

  • We do NOT just increase stimulation levels because the dog is being "stubborn."  We work with the dog to determine where the breakdown in communication is.

  • We use units that are stimulation like that of tens units used by physical therapists to stimulate blood flow to the muscle.

  • We use units that have settings that allow for very subtle increases in stimulation level.

  • We use low level stimulation and vibrate to condition the dog to understand pressure on and off as if it were a tap on the shoulder to say, "pay attention to me (owner)."


Private lessons are great for dogs that need 1-1 attention without distractions. Each lesson is 60 minutes and can be customized to suit your needs.


This class is for those who have completed basic on-leash obedience and is a great way to refresh or maintain your dog's training and obedience.

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